What is Piracy? The dictionary meaning would be, “the unauthorized use or reproduction of author’s work”. This word has a vital part to play in our lives. One way or the other, we are being part of what is called “the world of piracy”.

Every software in the current world has become freeware by either cracking or modifying the source code. Movies are releasing on website’s even before they are officially showcased on theaters. Is this wrong? Or is this the failure in the protection of valuable assets. Let’s answer some other questions before answering this one.

Who are the people affected by this?

Suppose you cultivated some crops on your field. You poured water on it every day in hopes of the day when the crop will finally grow and yield. And suddenly before you get the yield, someone sold your crop in the market.

This is what happens in piracy too. The software or media that is being pirated is the yield of hard work of many.

Who is to be blamed?

Someone downloading a pirated movie would always be on a mindset that “It’s on the internet, so why not !“.

The Internet has become so wide that the data flowing through here and it is too difficult to control or monitor and pirated software or media flow throughout the internet being able to be downloaded at a mouse click. So who is to be blamed? Is it the person downloading the pirated item or the negligence of the authorities or person in protecting the asset?

When we answer Questions like this we arrive at a hanging bridge which swings left and right, in between failure to protect the asset and the ignorance of downloading pirated items.

Control over people from downloading pirated media or software would ultimately seem impossible because the internet is so widespread that data once published, replicates, reproduced and spreads in seconds widely throughout and in depth. Thus, such control over downloading media or software is almost impossible.

So what is the next possible step? Ensuring asset to be properly protected so that it cannot be pirated is the best way.

Software’s can be encrypted or build in a manner that it cannot be pirated. This could be achieved by Tamper proofing or using a product key for activation, which again should be provided only after proper authentication.

What about the media? Media, on the other hand, is difficult to control and the method to protect would be in identifying the asset value, classifying it and making a proper container to prevent leakage. Technically one could also put watermarks on media. A person or organization could also go for legal procedures In case if someone or a group of people has pirated the media.

Now comes the Final question, as a user what can I Do? The answer is simple, rather than cracking or installing a modified file, purchase the real one. Let theaters be the point to watch movies and let’s not support piracy in any means.



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