RSA Archer Data Publication

RSA Archer Data Publication

The demand for new solutions for compliance activities in every organization rises day by day. The management wants platforms that has better transparency and better adaptability to the compliance needs of the organization. This is where RSA Archer steps in, which is a very versatile eGRC Platform which provides better transparency for the management on a high level with in-depth data roots.

The Archer platform has a number of functionalities which has large potential if utilized correctly. Today I would be introducing the Data Publication Feature in Archer.

Consider a scenario where a top management person accessing archer Policy module. He/She would be browsing different levels one by one and analyzing the policy. He/she then looks annoyed and wonders if this could have been a single page view. This is where I tried creating a one-pager policy view with a custom object and it worked but later found that archer provides a better option than to write a hundred lines of code.

The data publication Feature lets you export data out of encrypted archer database into another database. This can be run as a feed which executes daily /weekly/monthly/yearly according to the usage. But what is the use of such a feed ! the answer is that archer database is too complicated whereas when you look through the database created by data publication, ideas run into you for executing queries on it and creating a website. So that the management has a website that is supported by an archer backend and can be adapted for a better view and easy access. But how is this done? Well let me give you a heads-up.

Step1: Go to archer data publication on archer administrative menu

Step2: Enter details in general and go to connection tab where you fill the connection string,

A connection string establishes a connection to any database which is already created. You may use a DB owner credentials for accessing the same.

This website would be a good place to learn to construct connection strings:

Step 3: On the schedule tab, Schedule and Run a data publication.

Step 4: Look at the database created and identify the structure and derive queries according to the usage. Eg: Cross-reference fields in the database contains “x” symbol in the table name.

Step5: Create a website. This can be created in IIS itself or externally by connecting to this db,


Data publication has unlimited capabilities in extracting data outside of archer safely. Hope this helps you identify another potential of RSA Archer platform.


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