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The Three Pillars of Project Management

Project management basically indicates managing a project to ensure the quality outcome in desired time constraints. Project management is a vast topic by itself and requires right decisions and right execution to be done. Here I would be sharing my view of project management. There are basically three pillars of Project management. They are: Project […]


A Short Story about CIA & AAA

One of the Popular Security Concept is CIA. The term CIA stands for Confidentiality Integrity and Availability. Another security Concept is AAA which stands for Authentication Authorization and Accounting, some refer to the last A as Auditing. We could actually classify AAA as five different levels as listed below: 1: Identification 2: Authentication 3: Authorization […]

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Security should not be sprayed but baked

Recently I saw this fabulous quote “Security should not be sprayed but baked”. It kept me thinking of why this quote sound’s so interesting and as they say “A single sentence could form a whole story by itself”. We are living in a world dominated by signals flowing rapidly beyond imagination. It becomes hard to […]

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